Long story short..

My journey started in 2010 when I joined a local pet rescue centre as a volunteer. During seven years spent there, I have heard and seen all the stories of why dogs become homeless, how it affects their health and witnessed the most unbelievable rehabilitations of anxious, reactive and even aggressive dogs. Finally, after years of dreaming, we adopted my first dog - Beta.

The desire to train my new family member led me to the world of cynology. It makes me smile now when I remember all the chewed leashes, carpets, mom's shoes or myself sitting in a bush because of her sudden turn to catch a cat there.


Various dog training, health and psychology workshops, books and events were just the beginning. I remember entering my first junior handling competition in 2012; a year after -  a debut as a professional dog show handler, years later - coming to Scotland and launching Sky Walks Glasgow.

What once started as a hobby has grown into this big team of puppy parents, helpers and friends that just could not fit under the old name anymore. So we grew. It is my pack and we are Sky Walkers!


My goal is not to be yet another service provider though - I want to be a friend you can call whenever you need help, advice or just someone to share happy moments with! 


Don't be shy, join us...we have treats!



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