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The way we approach dog and human relationship has changed significantly and dogs are involved in our lives more than ever. While this is a positive change, it comes with new challenges for dogs and their families.

Throughout the years of being a professional dog trainer and dog training studio owner, I have seen people balancing on the edge of burnout because they were trying to meet someone else's expectations of what an 'ideal dog parent' is while still having social life, hobbies and enjoying little things.

Fast forward a few years, I became that dog mum with a full-time job, little time and the same want to do the best for my dogs.

Join me as I try to balance it all, share your struggles and support others. We talk about everything and anything. Welcome to the Sky Walkers Pack! Get to know us a bit better here.

a woman in a red jacket is petting a dog
a woman in a red jacket is petting a dog

Dog trainer Sky x


Honestly I can’t thank Sky enough. Her knowledge is amazing and we would have been lost without her help and support. It’s also great to meet other dog owners who are going through the same thing. Plus being surrounded by puppies is amazing!

- Lisa H.

<...> I’m so happy with the progress we’ve made in such a short space of time. Not to mention what a lovely soul Sky is too. She’s so approachable and is happy to help with any issues/questions you might have. She explains things well and it’s clear that she has a genuine love and passion for what she does.

- Amy M.

Sky is absolutely brilliant! She knows her stuff inside out and is a great teacher. She's supportive and helpful and makes training fun

- Charlie B.

Sky has been absolutely fantastic in building our confidence with our new puppy. She's incredibly patient and calming in the more stressful moments of learning to live with a pup. Cannot recommend her enough! <3

- Debi S.

Sky is such a sweet kind girl with an amazing knowledge and understanding of dogs. I have a 5 month old puppy and she has taught me so much about bringing him up, communicating with him and I know he looks forward to having our training sessions. I couldn’t recommend her enough!! Team Sky Walkers all the way. :)

- Jenn G.

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