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a corgi dog looking up


Practical tips for busy pet parents
an irish setter puppy is looking at the camera


Self-paced 6 week puppy training and socialisation course straight from our classroom to your home.

an irish setter is looking at the girl holding the lead


We work with dog training clients all over UK and Europe. Reach us from anywhere you are now!

a corgi dog is walking and looking at the girl walking him


Meet our coaches in person to cover all your dog training and behaviour questions.


Professional dog trainer, behaviour consultant and mama of the Pack

a girl is holding a samoyed puppy and smiling

The way we approach dog and human relationship has changed significantly and dogs are involved in our lives more than ever. While this is a positive change, it comes with new challenges for dogs and their families. Throughout the years of being a professional dog trainer and dog training studio owner, I have seen all sorts of behaviours you might be struggling with right now. Barking, lunging, jumping, reactivity, separation anxiety, pulling on the lead, poor recall... to name a few.

I have spent every day for the past few years educating people about their dog's inner world, teaching them more effective communication and building relationships between both ends of the lead.

While helping pet parents all around the world (yes, zoom sessions for the win!), a little thought was always at the back of my mind. I wanted dog training advice to be more accessible and sessions to be more fun. 

Sky Walkers Pack dog training community was born - a place where you do not need to spend hundreds to get you on the right track, a place where others have your back (with me being your biggest cheerleader) and a place where you are free to try different things until you and your dog find what works best.

The one thing I ask you to remember though: at Sky Walkers Pack we acknowledge dog's emotions and move in their pace. We do not run a marathon before learning to tie our shoes.

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