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Professional dog trainer, behaviour consultant and mama of the Pack

Helping dog guardians like you is my every day job. Regardless of where in your journey you are right now, I'm here to help. I believe in acknowledging dog's emotions and working at their pace. I believe in growing and nurturing dog-human relationship through understanding both ends of the lead, so if it sounds like a perfect fit - tell me your story!

I am lucky to call this my full time job together with all ups and down, so I am very conscious that for this to work, I need to believe I can help. If I do think there is someone else that you will benefit from more - be sure, I will let you know. Nobody has time or money to waste!

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My Story

Oh, where do I start... My journey began at the local pet rescue centre in my home country Lithuania. Over seven years of working with shelter's pets I have seen it all. Or so I thought. Not long into my volunteering career we adopted our first dog Beta - the love of my life. We were first time dog owners that knew nothing and very quickly realised that we are lost! Beta chewed shoes (as a little diva she is, she liked the most expensive ones best), scratched doors (possibly just an unrecognised artist) and soon developed reactivity to dogs. You guessed right, my dog training journey has commenced.

Throughout the years me and Beta tried various activities but our hearts stayed at trick and good manners training that also helped her reactivity massively. I also became a professional dog show handler and traveled the Europe showing dogs I trained.

Years later I ended up in Scotland and fell in love with it. I was never sure if it is going to work but you never know until you try. After completing my certifications and various courses with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers  and shadowing program with the expert dog trainer and behaviourist Nick Benger I became full-time dog trainer and behaviour consultant working with hundreds of dogs and their families every year.

In 2021, like a hurricane, in my life appeared a rescued bully mix girl named Xira (now better known as baba Xira). Even though I have worked with all sorts of dogs, she was a whole new challenge to me - I have never met such a powerful and boisterous dog. We trained, we failed then we succeeded and I can no longer imagine my life without her. 

In 2022 I opened a dog training school in the heart of Glasgow and created a safe space for numerous dogs and their people. We trained, we laughed and we cried but always together. 

A year later I realised that there is something that was always at the back of my mind. I wanted dog training to be enjoyable, positive and, most importantly, accessible experience for everyone. I was once a person with a dog, no clue on what to do and yet not able to afford multiple private dog training sessions.

While I still work with clients all around the world, I wanted to create that safe space we had in our studio but online. I wanted you to be able to experience the power of Sky Walkers community from wherever you are and our app was born.

If you believe in positive reinforcement based approach to dog training, moving at your dog's pace and supporting those around you - you are one of us.

"<'''>What a committed, and enthusiastic trainer. Dogs need as many people like that in the training world as possible."

Nick Benger, Expert Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Train with Sky

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Single session

60min session at mutually agreed place to work on anything your team needs. 



4 Session package

4 x 60min weekly sessions. Best if you are working on dog reactivity, puppy training, loose lead walking, recall and other similar behaviours.



One Off Zoom Consultation

60min online consultation. Best for those who need instant advice or cannot attend in-person sessions.



Tell me your situation and let's work together!

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