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Sky Walkers CLUB

Let's be real for a second. You enthusiastically started a training journey with your dog and loved teaching them all the new things like sit, stay, shake a paw... but then, somewhere amongst all of life's other responsibilities and commitments, the consistency just got forgotten.

You know that you and your dog are capable of more but traveling to the training locations or matching class times appears to be harder than you thought. Finally, your dog doesn't really enjoy a busy class environment and 1-1 coaching is too big of a commitment for you at the moment.

I've been there many times with various things in my life: dog training, fitness, nutrition...

Well, let me do what I do best - get you inspired, provide information and be your cheerleader while you do what you are best at - spending quality time with your dog and making progress daily!

Sky Walkers Club is an online dog training platform that provides you with exercise demo videos, monthly challenges and Q&A's and, most importantly, your COMMUNITY.

Only £11.99/month and you can cancel it anytime without sending awkward emails. Although we're putting all the effort in, so you don't want to! 

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What does SWC include?

On Demand library

You'll have access to always growing on demand library of training videos, follow along classes or theory!

Monthly Challenges

Lack accountability? Want to make your training more fun? We're throwing you a challenge every month if you dare to complete it!

Monthly Q&A's

Questions throughout your training journey are inevitable and you should have a chance to ask them. That's why you'll have an opportunity to submit yours on the group and we'll try to cover all or go more in depth over our monthly Q&A videos!

Community Support

It's not just a coach to support you aong the way. You'll have a chance to share your wins, struggles or chat to your community because that's what the Sky Walkers Pack is about.

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