Being a dog training coach means that I get to talk to dog owners every day. From new puppy parents to the ones that have already had their dog for a longer period of time. All these people share something in common (apart from a huge love for their dog) - they are all bamboozled with information or confused because of the lack of it. 

We step into a pet shop and the well delivered marketing hugs us like we hug our dog saying "I have exactly what you need". But do you actually need half of that stuff or maybe there are better options?

These are the things that you might've been taught during your 121s, your classes might've covered it too and that's amazing! This seminar might not be for you. But I see every day how many people there still are that simply need some guidance to connect the dots and it's what this seminar is all about.

I won't tell you there is only one way or only one right product, I want to share what I know and what has worked for me and my clients, what science (that word again) tells us at the end of the day, so you can make your own decisions. 

This will be a cosy event with space for discussion, tea/coffee and, hopefully, loads of laughter because if you know me, you know I do like a joke.

Knowledge is paw-er. Change my mind.


"Foods and labels". The one where she:

  • talks about the most common tricks manufacturers use and what are the main things to look for in kibble labels

  • discusses if the perfect diet exists

  • talks about treats (training treats, chews and why you might be wasting you money)


"The miraculous bowl". The one where she:

  • introduces the "Ditch the bowl for a week" challenge

  • explains why you should not waste your money on food bowls

  • shares tips and tricks on how to use meal times to your advantage


"Here comes the harness". The one where she:

  • explains if it encourages pulling and collar VS harness

  • discusses different types of harnesses

  • touches on training your dog to feel comfortable in a harness


"What gets rewarded gets repeated". The one where she: 

  • shows how your daily dog training could look like

  • explains the difference between the traditional and modern (force-free) dog training approach

"Play it away". The one where she:

  • explains why play is important

  • discusses different types of toys 

  • shares tips and tricks on how to stop yourself from storing the whole dog toy shop in the house

"If only they could talk". The one where she:

  • discusses how to recognise that your dog is stressed

  • looks at dog-dog interactions and most common mistakes

  • teaches you how to advocate for your dog



Time: 2pm - 6pm (with 30 min break!)

Date: 18th June (Saturday)

Place: Kali Collective Studio (54 Washington St, G3 8AZ, Axiom building)

Price: £50

*this is a people-only seminar. This time, leave your pooch at home!*