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Class length: 1hr

Class size: 4 dogs for indoor classes and up to 7 outdoors

Price: part of the Sky Walker memberships

What is a Scentwork class?

It's watching dogs at their best! Our dogs navigate through life relying on their noses more than anything else, so sniffing serves not only as a mental stimulation but decompression activity too.

In scentwork classes we learn passive indication and primarily work with Kong scent, however, you will be able to introduce other scents in the future if you wish.

Do we need to have any training history before attending these classes?

Yes, these classes are available for those who completed the Beginners course or can demonstrate the knowledge of basic cues (please, get in touch to discuss).

Where do the classes take place?

All in-person classes run in our studio (180 West Regent St, Glasgow). Some scentwork classes may take place outdoors.

What times do the classes run?

Currently, the classes run on Thursdays at 7:15pm. You can check the timetable here!

What do I need to pack for the class?

  • A dog would be good (although feel free to show up dogless, I'm sure we'll get you busy ;) )

  • A nice mix of your dog's favourite treats (feel free to mix it with their meal portion)

  • A preferred Kong toy

  • Water bowl & water

  • Non-retractable leash

  • Good mood!

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