1-2-1 Remote Coaching

A bulldog puppy is sitting on the carpet looking at the camera

Let's be real for a second. You enthusiastically started a training journey with your dog and loved teaching them all the new things like sit, stay, shake a paw... but then, somewhere amongst all of life's other responsibilities and commitments, the consistency just got forgotten.

You know that you and your dog are capable of more but every time you train it's just the same boring drills that you two do over and over again. You're also not sure of how you could progress or what to do next. Finally, some accountability would be helpful because now you just feel rather... uninspired.

I've been there many times with various things in my life: dog training, fitness, nutrition...

Well, let me do what I do best - write dog training plans and be your cheerleader while you do what you are best at - spending quality time with your dog and making progress daily!

Sky Walkers Pack Remote Training is a personalised dog training plan written by me and tailored to suit you and your dog.

Every two weeks you will be given a plan with exercises and even the number of repetitions, so you don't have to overthink it and can just enjoy the process!

Remote training is only £125 per month.

What does my package include?

Free Consultation

We'll get to know each other and you'll get to spill the tea! I want to know everything: from your team's likes and dislikes to goals and training history.

Monthly Call

In the end of every month of your training we'll have a 30min call to see where your team is, what progress has been made and what we can focus on more.

Training Plan

You will get a plan that involves daily detailed training sessions to help you with your goals and accountability. The plan is updated every 2 weeks with progressions to each exercise added. 

Coaching App

It's going to be our main centre of communication. All your sessions, progress and videos will be there!

Weekly check-ins

Yep, that's where the accountability comes in! You'll get a questionnaire to fill every week where you can tell me how your week of learning went, so I can see what's the further progression required with each exercise.