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Coming from our classroom to your home!

A puppy training program that numerous clients have followed throughout the years. 

In the course we cover everything you need to know about correct socialisation, confidence building, the most common puppy problems like biting, toilet and mat/crate training and your puppy's first cues. 

You will also have an access to discounts from our partners, homework sheets and training trackers!

Join our happy puppy parents!

Easy to follow exercises

All exercises grouped into week's training, to take away guesswork and give you a clear plan.

Homework and training trackers

Stay accountable with our training trackers and checklists.

Community support

Share your wins, adventures and questions with others in a safe private community space.

“I cannot recommend Sky enough. Her classes are fun and educational for both owners and pups! Sky is just full of knowledge and experience and it really shows in her courses."

Amy & Cleo

Start your journey now!

Get a lifetime access to all the puppy training and care content. When you finish you can join the main pack for more training and community chats!

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What's covered in the course?

In the course we cover these main areas (plus always updated theory section!):

- correct socialisation and most common mistakes

- confidence building. What is that?

- toilet training for success

- preventing and dealing with puppy sharks (nipping)

- crate training. Yay or nay and HOW

- first cues: the actually important ones at this age. Start your recall, lead walking or settle.

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