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Puppy Club

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What is Puppy Club?

It' s a 45min session that focuses on building your puppy's confidence and working on socialisation by introducing the wee ones to different objects, textures, sounds and challenges. During Puppy Club sessions, puppies also learn to play with each other while humans learn about supervising puppy-puppy play, settle protocols and canine body language.

During the session, there will be loads of breaks dedicated to working on calm behaviours and discussing the most common puppy issues such as play biting, toilet training and more. 


(You will also get access to our community app for your first month for £1 where you can find an on demand library of exercises, articles, partner discounts and more).


Do I have to commit to more than one class?

No! These are drop-in sessions which means that you can book the ones you can attend. Sessions will be running on Saturdays at 1 pm at our cosy and clean indoor studio in the city centre. * Please, note that the studio is only accessible through stairs.


How old does my puppy need to be?

These sessions are for puppies that are fully vaccinated (the proof of vaccinations is necessary) to ensure safe mixing with other pups. These sessions are for pups not older than 6 months on the session date.


How do I book?

Follow the booking link below -> Choose the session you'd like to attend -> follow the steps on the booking system -> you're in!

*There will be an email sent before each session about what to bring and how to find us, so make sure to check your inbox the night before!


See you soon!

"Can't recommend Sky Walkers Pack enough! We took our puppy on a 6 week course and the difference is amazing! The classes were very well structured with guidance on what to work on from week to week. We've already signed up to the juniors course to continue the momentum! Thanks Sky!"


"We've just completed our 6 week puppy course. Can't recommend it enough, we've been given all the basic skills and more and see.ou puppies confidence and skill grow over the last 6 weeks. Highly recommend Sky and we look forward to joining her Junior course to continue our training."


"It's been a while since we attended the pupps classes with Sky, but the great work and instructions from Sky that we put together into teaching our GSP Milka are clearly visible till today! We loved the classes, we absolutely adored Sky for her approach to dogs, her professionalism and great communication skills! Her school is relatively new, but I'm more than confident about her abilities and experience with working with any kind of dogs will go far beyond your expectations!

Thanks Sky for everything and keep up with the great work! You're smashing it!!!"


"Sky has been absolutely fantastic in building our confidence with our new puppy. She's incredibly patient and calming in the more stressful moments of learning to live with a pup. Cannot recommend her enough! <3"


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