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Puppy Course


Flexible timetable (2 class times to pick from every week!)

WhatsApp community group

6 week course with homework notes

Cosy indoor studio in the heart of Glasgow

Small class sizes to ensure you get all the coach's attention needed 

For puppies up to 6 months old at the start date

Class times: Tuesdays @6pm; Saturdays @1:15pm                                                       

Class size: maximum of 4 puppies                                                           

Class length: 50-60min                                                                     

Investment: £150

Place: indoor studio at 180 West Regent St, G2 4RW

           (*access to the classroom through stairs only)

Upcoming course start dates:

7th & 12th March/ SOLD OUT

25th & 29th April/ JOIN THE PACK

*There will be no courses over the summer!


Puppy classes are not about obedience, it is about learning for both ends of the leash! 


Your puppy is still exploring and learning about the world around them, so more than anything we want to focus on socialising the wee one, building their confidence and creating that bond between you and your new family member. Learn more about it from this blog post!

In your weekly classes we:

- introduce your puppy to their cool name

- learn how to communicate with our puppy in a positive way

- teach focus, 'touch' and other helpful cues

- help the puppy feel comfortable with being handled

- learn loose leash manners 

- practice recall

- learn how to be the classiest and, most importantly fair, puppy guardian 

We also:

- introduce your puppy to different textures and sounds

- provide your puppy with new experiences

- learn how to introduce our puppy to other dogs and people 

- learn to supervise puppy-puppy interactions

You will also get:

> class notes

> access to online Sky Walkers community

> loads of laughter and good times

"Can't recommend Sky Walkers Pack enough! We took our puppy on a 6 week course and the difference is amazing! The classes were very well structured with guidance on what to work on from week to week. We've already signed up to the juniors course to continue the momentum! Thanks Sky!"


"We've just completed our 6 week puppy course. Can't recommend it enough, we've been given all the basic skills and more and see.ou puppies confidence and skill grow over the last 6 weeks. Highly recommend Sky and we look forward to joining her Junior course to continue our training."


"It's been a while since we attended the pupps classes with Sky, but the great work and instructions from Sky that we put together into teaching our GSP Milka are clearly visible till today! We loved the classes, we absolutely adored Sky for her approach to dogs, her professionalism and great communication skills! Her school is relatively new, but I'm more than confident about her abilities and experience with working with any kind of dogs will go far beyond your expectations!

Thanks Sky for everything and keep up with the great work! You're smashing it!!!"


"Sky has been absolutely fantastic in building our confidence with our new puppy. She's incredibly patient and calming in the more stressful moments of learning to live with a pup. Cannot recommend her enough! <3"


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