One in-person and one online class per week for 6 weeks

WhatsApp puppy community group

Free access to community and SWP organised events

Free Pack Adventure Walks (PAW)

10% off 121 sessions

Access to puppy library

Course length: 6 weeks

Class size: maximum of 5 puppies

Class length: 1hr

Price: £110

Place: indoor studio at 54 Washington St, Glasgow G3 8AZ

New intake: in-person classes are delayed until August, however, we don't want you to miss out - JOIN THE ONLINE COURSE for only £60

Puppy classes are not about obedience, it is about learning for both ends of the leash! 


Your puppy is still exploring and learning about the world around him, so more than anything we want to focus on socialising the wee one, building his confidence and creating that bond between you and your new family member.

In puppy classes we:

- introduce your puppy to their cool name

- learn how to communicate with our puppy in a positive way

- teach eye contact

- introduce the puppy to different textures and sounds

- practise impulse control

- help the puppy feel comfortable with being handled

- learn how to introduce our puppy to other dogs and people

- learn loose leash manners 

- practise recall (a lot!)

- learn how to be the classiest and, most importantly fair, puppy guardian 

You will also get:

> access to PUPPY Library 

> class notes

> weekly Q&A type online class (+ a recording if you're unable to attend) where we discuss things like nipping, toilet training etc.

> access to online Sky Walkers WhatsApp community

> loads of laughter and good times