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Not all goodbyes are sad!

I was writing and editing this text several times. I wasn't sure whether to post about it but realised that you deserve a little heads up as a community and clients. I'm leaving Glasgow!

I know that 2017 Sky who just stepped out of the plane in Scotland this exact month, would be extremely proud to see that not only Sky Walkers exist but what a great bunch and brand it has become. I knew no one in Glasgow (or Scotland for that matter), I'd never been here before and this business was born out of my need to be around dogs and like-minded people.

To this day I remember a family with a chocolate lab that was my first ever client in the city, then a crazy Frenchie to whom I became a regular dog walker. Fast forward a few years, when I decided to embrace my long overdue dream of being a full-time dog trainer, no local trainer agreed to let me shadow them and, me being me, I got in touch and made my way to Bristol for a shadowing week with my idol dog trainer. At the same time I was finishing my Level 3 course with IMDT AND my Bachelor's degree. My very first 3 training clients were booked in soon after I graduated from both and I remember myself sitting with notes until 2am the

night before, making sure I covered all the important aspects for each. I thought my stomach was going to flip upside down on the day.

Many 121 clients later, I realised I could offer puppy classes that I knew Glasgow needed. The ones where "sit"'s were just a fun part of the class but the focus was on understanding things like correct socialisation, body language and confidence building in puppies. I wasn't able to find a doggy venue that agreed to host us, so, again, me being me meant that our brand new puppy classes found a space at our local yoga studio and the gym nearby. Not so usual, I know! Yet it was the most adventurous year and a lot of pups graduated from these classes.

Another year later, I felt ready to create the space that I had been looking for for so long myself. In the centre of Glasgow, a cosy studio opened its doors and became a safe corner for a lot of dogs and people to learn, share their struggles and wins, find friends and, most importantly, contribute to the Sky Walker's vision of a better tomorrow for dogs through educating their humans.

This is just a little snippet of what the Sky Walkers Pack was all about and how it grew. I absolutely adore this little chapter of my life and there is nothing that will ever take this away from me. If you've been involved with SWP in any way, I want you to know it was not unnoticed. I would like to think I and the whole crew changed your life in any little or bigger way but you definitely changed mine!

And, hey, this is not a sad post whatsoever, it's a new chapter, new experiences and Sky Walkers still exist, just in a different form. I will continue sharing our adventures and tips on social media and our newsletter.

For those, who are waiting for the perfect time to work with me, I have the last slots for consultations left in October, so don't be scared to give me a message.

That's all updates for now and I will speak to you very soon!

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