What is a Pack Adventure Walk?

Pack Adventure Walk (a.k.a PAW) is the time when we all get together to have fun while getting some steps in, explore new environments and, of course, do some real life training! 

Who can attend?

Adventure walks are open to everyone - current members and those who want to get the feeling of what it's like to be a part of the crazy Sky Walkers gang. The only thing we ask is to be sensible and fair to your pup and others, so if your dog struggles with leash reactivity or you have a female that's in season, please, do not attend these walks. You can reach out for help over 121 sessions.

When is the next walk?

The upcoming walks:

*we're taking a break in July. PAWs are back in JULY!*


These walks are free for current Puppy Sky Walker/Sky Walker monthly membership holders. 

£10 for the rest.

What do I need to pack for the walk?

  • A dog would be good (although feel free to show up dogless, I'm sure we'll get you entertained ;) )

  • A nice mix of your dog's favourite treats (feel free to mix it with their meal portion but make sure you have some high value ones too)

  • Your dog's favourite toy or two (something you could play tug'o'war with is the best)

  • Water bowl & water

  • Long line (5m lead), if you own one

  • Non-retractable leash

  • Good mood!

Pack Adventure Walk

Walk length: 1hr