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Our Vision

As strong believers that the only road to a better tomorrow for dogs is through educating humans, we want to make dog training and behaviour knowledge easily accessible to everyone. We want to support people that are investing their time in understanding dogs, so it does not feel like a lonely battle.

Our clients

Our clients understand that dogs have feelings, environments and situations can dictate their behaviour and are looking to build long-lasting relationships with their dogs in fear and pain free, science-based way.

Our training

Through our dog training and behaviour 1-2-1 or remote sessions we focus on bespoke training solutions and advice. Through our educational material we address the most common dog training and behaviour issues and provide general advice. We do not approve or encourage the use of tools and practices that are designed to cause pain and/or discomfort.

Our hopes

We hope that you come into our space ready to give time and effort. We hope that you share the same passion in trying to understand your individual dog, meet their needs and move in their pace without looking for quick fixes. We hope that you become a part of the community and share this knowledge with others that way adding to our mission and vision.

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