Sky Walker

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Weekly in-person and online classes 

WhatsApp community group

Free access to community and SWP organised events

Cancel or pause anytime or use a punchcard

10% off 121 sessions

  • 4 classes of your choice/month

  • Cancel or pause anytime

  • Free access to community events



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  • 10 classes of your choice/2 months

  • Free access to community events

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  • 5 classes of your choice/2 months

  • Free access to community events





If you found yourself on this page, you have probably shared your sofa with a dog for long enough to know that your pooch is learning every minute of the day and requires daily mental stimulation and that both of you don't stop learning after completing your puppy or any other training course.


For many years my dream was to create something special for you - a dog guardian that just loves spending time with your pup, like minded people and learning new things. Something flexible that would allow you to regularly have quality time together.

Here's why we created a chance for you to join the Sky Walkers Pack and switch between different types of in-person and online classes, adventure walks and attend them when you want it. Our membership benefits are always growing, so it's time to get to know the crazy community that Sky Walkers is!

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Every dog and every journey is different. If your team finds the in-person environment too challenging, you are not sure whether it will work out, want to save traveling time or are not local, online classes are probably your best choice. Remember, you will always have a chance to join the in-person classes and test yourself around more distractions. However, please, note that if you are working on your pup's reactivity or similar issues, in-person classes will not suit you. If you are not sure, please, check with us and we will guide you through!