Beginner classes in Glasgow

We all start on DAY 1! 


It is never too late to learn or improve, therefore, themed classes are for everyone regardless of age and experience. We are bringing back the basics because starting to build your house from the roof would be rather optimistic, wouldn't it?!

What are themed classes?

Each themed class focuses on a specific behaviour (recall, loose lead walking, basic skills, etc.). In these classes, students of all levels are welcome as the difficulty of exercises can be altered to give an appropriate level of practice for everyone. 

Classes available:

> HAPPY RECALLERS - all about improving the so needed recall. Let's learn how you can be sexier than the squirrel to your dog!

> FREE WALKERS - still struggling in the loose lead walking department? Join the class to practise how you can get that always smiling lead!

> CITY PUP - want to learn the basic skills every city pup should know? Sit, down, stay... in the world full of distractions? We'll see you in the city pup classes!


Class length: 1hr

Class size: maximum of 6 dogs

Class price: £15/class or £40/3 class pass

!!! Please, note that in order to join these classes, your dog needs to be +6months of age. Please, understand that dogs with serious behavioural issues (i.e. reactivity, aggression etc) cannot join the classes. Contact us to book 121 sessions to get help and guidance in these cases.