What is a dog fitness class?

The main goal of DogFit classes is to improve your dog's strength, flexibility, cardio and body awareness. The class consists of various exercises you will be leading your dog through using treats/toys as positive reinforcement and props such as cavalettis, platforms, targets, steppers and more!

Why do we need DogFit?

There is just so much canine fitness covers!

  • The cardio side will improve better use and delivery of oxygen to muscles and tissues.

  • Balance exercises will encourage your dog's control and awareness of the body, improve agility and contribute to an injury prevention.

  • Strength is all about building the muscle power and endurance.

  • Flexibility takes care of ensuring full range of motion and preventing joint injuries.

  • Finally, it is a fun and mentally stimulating way to spend time with your pup and build a strong bond between you.

Whether you own a wee four-legged athlete, weekend adventurer, couch lover or any dog in between, this class is for everyone! 

It's not an obedience class, so you don't need any training history, however, we do use some basic skills, thus, knowing them can always be an advantage. 


Class length: 45min

Class size: maximum of 5 dogs in-person

Price: part of the Sky Walker membership


!!! Please, note that in order to join these classes, your dog needs to be +6months of age. Please, understand that dogs with serious behavioural issues (i.e. reactivity, aggression etc) cannot join the classes. Contact us to book 121 sessions to get help and guidance in these cases.