(P)Up your game!

I have always believed that owning a dog is an adventurous and exciting experience we, humans, are able to have. If you can learn to see the world the way your puppy does, I am convinced that this is where your Team starts.


I was never about simply giving you rules of what and what no to do. I want you to understand why your puppy acts in a certain way, so maybe the next time you find yourself in a similar situation you can crack the case yourself!


Ongoing IMDT Level 3 qualification course "Learning, Motivation & Reinforcement"

Work shadowing with dog trainer Nick Benger

Professional dog show handling 2014 - 2017


Voluntary job at the pet rescue centre NPO "Rainiukas" (2011 - 2017, Lithuania)

Workshop "Corrections in dog training: yes or no?" (M. Kristupyte, Lithuania)

Theoretical and practical seminar on dog show training (D. Jurkuveniene, Lithuania)

Online course "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" (Coursera)

Workshop "Motivation in dogs - resources and communication" (A. Menciuniene & J. Valancius, Lithuania)

Workshop "Dog showing: art or sport?" (V. Avtusko, Lithuania)

"<'''>What a committed, and enthusiastic trainer. Dogs need as many people like that in the training world as possible." 

 -N. Benger

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