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City Pup

What is a City Pup class?

It is exactly what the Sky Walkers Pack is all about. We continue learning and proofing skills that every dog and human team needs to make your everyday life in urban environments easier.


In City Pup classes we cover skills such as calm greetings with people, settling in public places, loose lead walking, recall, position changes and more. Our program is based on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme requirements with an in-house exam and progressions every 10 weeks.

Do we need to have any training history before attending these classes?

Yes, these classes are available for those who completed the Beginners course or can demonstrate the knowledge and skills required (please, get in touch to discuss).

Where do in-person classes take place?

Most in-person classes run in our studio (180 West Regent St, Glasgow), however, some might take place outdoors. Please, double check the location on the calendar before you book each class.

Our members also enjoy a chance to participate in monthly Pack Meet-ups that range from outdoor walks to in-studio seminars with tea and coffee!

What times do the classes run?

Currently, the classes run on Wednesdays at 6pm. You have a choice of complementing these with Scentwork classes (11am on Saturdays).

What do I need to pack for the class?

  • A dog would be good (although feel free to show up dogless, I'm sure we'll get you busy ;) )

  • A nice mix of your dog's favourite treats (feel free to mix it with their meal portion)

  • Your dog's favourite toy or two (something you could play tug'o'war with is the best)

  • Water bowl & water

  • Long line, if you own one, for outdoor sessions

  • Non-retractable leash

  • Good mood and eagerness to learn!

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