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Beginners Course


One in-person class per week for 6 weeks 

Flexible timetable (pick between two class times every week!)

Cosy indoor studio (some environmental classes taken outdoors)

WhatsApp community group

Small class sizes to ensure you are getting all coach's attention needed

Course length: 6 weeks

Class times: Tuesdays @7:15pm  // Saturdays @12:00pm                    

Class length: 1hr                                                                                           

Class size: a maximum of 4 dogs                                                                 

Investment: £150

Place: 180 West Regent Street, G2 4RW.

           (*the classroom is only accessible through stairs)

Upcoming course start dates:

Our workshops  are running on summer weekends! Alternatively, you can join the Sky Walkers Club to get started in your own time!

In beginner classes we:

- work A LOT on focus and calm reactions around distractions

- learn calm greetings and alternative ways to greet new people (4 paws on the ground)

- focus on your as your dog's trainer skills

- learn calm stays

- develop your dog's impulse control

- learn and repeat (x100) recall practice

- learn "drop it" and what's the difference between it and "leave it" 

- get you ready for City Pup classes

- learn how to be the classiest and, most importantly fair, dog guardian 

What to expect?

I always say that, as coaches, we need to teach and motivate the two-legged end of the lead before we have any hope for the other, so we're over those days of cramping a bunch of new behaviours into one lesson and only brushing through the tactics of teaching them. We will normally have two main skills to work on in one class and we'll rehearse them repeatedly in a few different ways until you think it is easy peasy. Now, this is where the magic happens. When you know what and WHY you're doing it, when you feel confident because you have done it hundreds of times, you won't get lost and frustrated in real life situations and this is a huge win for us.

How does my membership work?

Your membership will start and stay valid for 6 weeks from the course start date. During that time you can pick one of the two class times every week (no need to attend at the same time every week!). Treat it as your gym membership! There is a limit of 4 dogs per class, so it works on a first come first served basis but we are keeping membership numbers low to ensure you are guaranteed a space at one of the classes every week.

My dog is reactive, are these classes good for us?

Unfortunately, these classes are not suitable to work on reactivity but, please, do not feel left out. If you are not sure or would like to discuss your options and see how we can help, get in touch.

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