1-2-1 Sessions

A golden retriever puppy is sitting on the floor and looking at a person's hand with a treat

Is your dog reactive? Anxious? Are you a new dog parent? Do you feel lost and don't know where to start or why your dog might be acting a certain way? Maybe you prefer a more intimate environment or to have undivided attention from a coach for the whole session.

1-2-1 dog training sessions are perfect for beginners, new puppy parents or people who have dogs with behavioural problems.

These sessions are sold in 4 session blocks and session times are agreed individually on the day of the booking. 

How many sessions will I need? 

I don't know. No one does, to be honest. This will depend on many factors like your dog's genetics, learned behaviours, consistency in training, your goals... 

In some cases, four sessions is enough for me to leave you with a correct skillset and understanding of your dog, so you can continue working by yourself. However, some people prefer to have the accountability and support or dive into the art of dog training deeper that further sessions can provide.

There are no quick or guaranteed fixes when we are talking about living creatures. You know it yourself - how long did it take you to implement the most recent changes to your behaviour or get rid of that habit? 

I want to help you to discover what you and your dog are capable of, I can guarantee you'd be surprised, but we need to give your team time!

Place: Sky Walkers Pack studio or your house in some cases

Session length: 1hr

Price: £240/4session block